It is important to keep an eye on both your own and your competitor’s landing pages. You can use the visual diff checker to make sure everything is fine with your sites after each deployment or you can use it to keep track of your competitor's pages. Even you can track the changes on SERP :)

So here is a summary of how it will work

We will use jest/puppeteer/nodejs with git actions to do the structural similarity (SSIM) index test between the mobile/desktop version of snapshots and in case of any change, the app will send an HTML report…

While I was trying to set my own screamingFrog instance on Google cloud last month, I realized that the Screaming frog has a bug that causing scheduled crawls to fail also the guides online are outdated or hard to understand.
Therefore I decided to write my own guide not only for teaching the others but also to remember the steps for the next setup :).

With this article, you will be able to crawl your sites automatically and create your own dashboard on data studio. …

Emrecan Sanli

Tech SEO/FE developer. I have more than 3 years of professional web application development, search engine optimization, and software testing experience.

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